5 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100 With Reviews for 2018
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Best backpacking sleeping bag

5 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100 With Review

After a long day hiking or camping; all you need is a good rest. A top rated sleeping bag will come in handy to provide you with a great place to rest your tired bones. However, the only challenge most people face is how to choose the best sleeping bag for their use.

Our experts took out to find the top 5 best backpacking sleeping bag under 100 that campers and hikers should have. They sampled a number of sleeping bags in line with reviews, user ratings, pricing, efficiency, and features. Here are the reviews of some of the best sleeping bags that they were able to settle down on.

1. Envelope Lightweight Portable Sleeping Bag

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100

This was our best choice yet. It had numerous traits that we loved and most of which are super ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and mountaineering. The features included these.


The sleeping bag is designed with wide shoulders and a narrow legend. This maximizes comfort when using the bag and keeps your body warm and free to move around. It provides top relaxation mode for your tired limbs.

Extreme Temps

By design, the bag is tailored to work perfectly in extreme weather – and many users concur. The bag works best at near freezing temps and has a rating of 20-Degrees Fahrenheit where it will still keep your very warm.

Easy to Clean

This bag is safer for a machine wash. It is also easy to carry around as it comes with a compression sack and a carry-on bag. You can easily store the bag safely or carry it around after cleaning it up.


In addition to what we have seen, the bag also has a waterproof and all weather resistant design. This design is achieved through the Double-Filled Technology. This is great in preventing any forms of dampness on you.

Quilted Design

The sleeping bag also enjoys S-Shaped Quilted design. This makes it warm. It also leaves the bag with an easy to clean touch. Because of this, the bag is super for hikers, trekkers, and campers who need to rest.


Finally, the bag is made out of light but durable 210T polyester. This material is often very simple and adds no extra pound to hikers when they carry their best backpacking sleeping bags in any of their adventures.

  • Double-Filled Technology
  • S-Shaped Quilted design
  • Durable 210T polyester
  • Safer for a machine wash
  • Designed for one
  • May feel big on petite

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 1002. Teton Sports Celcius Superlight Sleeping Bag


Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100

The second was the Teton Sports Celcius Superlight Sleeping Bag. We loved it because it enjoyed some of the best user reviews ever. When we tried it out the features were lovely and quite ideal for campers.


Extra Large

This is one of the largest single person sleeping bags you can ever run into. It has a full-width shoulder stretch and comes with a stylish hood that keeps your head of the hard ground. In addition is a full-length zipper.

Quality Style

We also found out that like many best campers backpacking sleeping bags, this bag enjoyed a double layer construction design and came with a sturdy taffeta design material. This material is usually very durable and strong.

Low Temps

The bag also works perfectly on low temps. We sent it out to be tried and believe it this sleeping bag allowed users to sleep comfortably in temperatures as low as 0F. This is super cold and will be fatal if you aren’t warm.

Easy to Carry

The bag comes with a compression sack included. This makes it simple for hikers and campers to carry the sleeping bag around. It is also very light in weight and this very ideal for anyone who might move around for long hours.

  • Study Taffeta Material
  • Super lightweight
  • Comfy quilted design
  • Ideal for low temps
  • Needs frequent wash
  • Designed for only one

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 1003. The Double Ohuhu Waterproof Sleeping Bag

Notably one of the best backpacking sleeping bag under 100 in 2018; the Double Ohuhu Waterproof Sleeping Bag was a top class sleeping bag for the modern hikers. It is simple and very lovable in many ways.

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100Design

We found out that the sleeping bag enjoys a 210 polyester material and a T/C lining. In it also is cotton lining quilted to keep you warm all through the different style seasons that we always enjoy.


Users also agree that the sleeping bag is cozy. It is comfortable and works so well even when exposed to near freezing temps. It has a weather resistant of up to 23 Degrees Fahrenheit thus comfy even when it snows.


The 210T polyester is known for high style waterproof qualities. You don’t have to worry about getting damp, wet, or cold. Indeed if you want to enjoy a stress-free sleep; Ohuhu is the best to go with.

Extra Large

This was the first best double backpacking sleeping bag that we settled on. It is good for couples and also has a detachable zipper for to come up with a dual sleeping bag design for two campers.


Well, it’s also super light. It comes with a carry-on bag and two small pillows for more comfort. The pillows will give your neck good support and you won’t have to worry about the ground anymore.

  • Weather resistant
  • 210 polyester material
  • High style waterproof
  • Double backpacking sleeping
  • Superlight
  • Not fit for more than two
  • May damage if mishandled

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 1004. Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag for Tall Guys

The next best sleeping bag under 100 that we settled on was the Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag for Tall Guys. With a large stretched out design; we tried the sleeping bag and what we found out was exciting.

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100
Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100 With Review

The sleeping bag was built out of 100% sturdy polyester material. The material was waterproof, strong, and notable safe for use under the harsh elements of cold, water, and suns UV rays among others.

Low Temps

It was cool and many best backpacking sleeping bag reviews attest that the bag withstands up to lowest temperatures of 15 Degrees Fahrenheit. It comes big and tall and can accommodate 6 feet plus tall campers.


Additionally, this sleeping bag had another interesting feature (thermo-lock) draft tube. This technology prevents heat from being lost through the zipper. It is very important in keeping you warm always.


And to make the thermo-lock technology more effective; the bag also comes with a Coletherm hollow polyester technology that provides an ideal heat retention qualities for any campers.


The quilted design on the outward allows the sleeping bag to resist pressure, remain comfy, and perhaps keep every user cozy all through their sleep. It is also very ideal for an aesthetic addition.


Like many other top backpacking sleeping bags under 100, this one is also a super lightweight. Meaning, you can easily carry it around for long. It comes with an easy to carry compression sack.

  • Super lightweight
  • Quilted design
  • Thermolock technology
  • 100% sturdy polyester material
  • Stands low temperature
  • No add-on accessories
  • Needs frequent cleaning

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 1005. X-CHENG Ultralight Best Modern Sleeping Bag

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100

Finally on our list is the X-CHENG Ultralight Best Modern Sleeping Bag. The sleeping bag is unique in design and quite loveable for someone who wants to experience a personal sleeping comfort.

Mummy Design

X-CHENG Ultralight boasts of the perfect fit mummy design. It has broad shoulders and leg fit design. This we found, was great in keeping users very warm and cozy in the coldest weather.


Like the name suggests, it is also a super lightweight best sleeping bag for hikers. It enjoys an ultra-light premium don filling that keeps it on the lowest lbs rating and allows it to beat the coldest winter temperatures.

Quality Material

Apart from that, the sleeping bag is made of ragged soft polyester design. The material is highly waterproof and extremely durable. It can also withstand so much usage and eventually add value to your quests.

Large in Size

Even though designed for a single user, we found out that X-Cheng is actually large enough to leave any camper with enough space to turn around and still enjoy the comfort of a good night sleep.

Easy to Carry

The bad also comes with a small side tote bag that allows users to enjoy the comfort of carrying the compressed sleeping bag around. This compression bag is simple to use and will be a perfect fit.

  • Super lightweight
  • Ragged soft polyester design
  • Enough space
  • Perfect fit mummy design
  • Designed for One
  • Requires Frequent Cleaning

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100

How to Choose the Best Sleeping Bag Under 100

We now want to give you the simplest guide to choosing the best sleeping bag for your use. Read along to find out.

Always Know the Price

The sleeping bag is under $100. So don’t just dig in; confirm the pricing first. It should be your basic guide considering that many campers who go for under 100 sleeping bags are always working on a budget. However, remember to consider other additional tips that we are adding here.

Technology is Paramount

You need a sleeping bag that fits your needs. You want to be comfortable, safe, cozy, and free. Which technology does the sleeping bag use to get this? We loved Coleman because it had the Coletherm Hollow Polyester Insulation for superior retention of heat. Other technologies include.

  • Thermolock Draft Tube
  • All Weather Resistant
  • Double Filled Technology

Size and Dimensions

Size and dimensions of a sleeping bag will determine so many things. From the number of people that the bag can accommodate, the weight of the bag, to how portable the bag is size plays a huge role. Just remember you need something super light as many outdoor activities require so much movement with luggage.

Your Personal Needs

It comes back to how many people you are, what you can afford to spend on the best family sleeping bag, which design and taste do you have (color, shape, and decoration); and above all your weight, size, and height. Getting a sleeping accessory that leaves you comfy and free starts here.

Material of Building

The work a sleeping bag does is not easy. It comes into contact with rough surfaces and withstands freezing point temperatures. You must, therefore, get a bag that’s designed from a rugged and sturdy material. Sleeping bags forged from 210T Polyester and Polyester Taffeta are the most recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sleeping Bags

Finally and to make our review more comprehensive, we went around asking users some of the most challenging concerns they had about sleeping bags. Here is what we compiled.

How do I Measure My Sleeping Bag?

Many sleeping bags come already measured. You can find their sizes across the packages. However, if you are curious; use a tape measure and measure the length and width of the sleeping bag.

Where Can I get The Best Sleeping Bags?

Sleeping bags can be bought around malls. Problem is, if you buy in malls you may not have time to get the best deals. Experts recommend buying online as you can easily compare prices at a sitting and get your bag shipped directly to your doorstep.

How Will I Know I have the Best Bag?

You can always take a little advice from the previous users. You can also read expert sleeping bag reviews and above all, you can go with brands that are known for quality, style, design, or make depending on your needs.

Must the Sleeping Bag Be Made of Polyester?

Well, not necessarily. However, considering the type of job a sleeping bag goes through, a sturdy and ragged material is often advisable. The 210T polyester and Taffeta are some of the best materials that fit this type of work.

Can I Use a Sleeping Bag Without Accessories?

Definitely! You can sleep in the bag without a pillow. But for more comfort, a pillow is always the perfect add-on. You can also have a compression bag for easy carriage so you don’t have bulky luggage across the trail.


Now you can go ahead and choose the best backpacking sleeping bag under 100. You have all the tips you need and you don’t have to wait anymore. Look out for our next review to keep your tips sharp and ready.

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