6 Best Wheeled Backpacks for School | Reviews & Buyers Guide for 2018
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Best Wheeled Backpacks for School

6 Best Wheeled Backpacks for School | Review & Buyers Guide


A right backpack is very important for your school going kids. For your kids, we suggest you keep a wheeled backpack that can save him/ her from discomfort and back stress. Again, finding a right backpack from the market is not an easy job at all. Nothing kills the school going morale like a damaged backpack for your books. Weak backpacks will easily tear and scatter your books all over the place. Our experts chose to help you solve this problem once and for all. We researched and compiled the best-wheeled backpacks for school. Read through our reviews to find our top picks and the right backpack for your needs.

Tilami Rolling School Wheeled Backpacks


5 Best Wheeled Backpacks for School

This is an amazing backpack. Your school or college going kids will be very happy to have this. The backpack is possessing enormous attractiveness. The main lucrative thing is its color. This backpack has several colors that made the backpack different from each other.  Another thing is its bearing. 30lb bearing of the pack is made of high-strength aluminum alloy rod with armor bottom protection system.

The bag has huge storage capacity with a multi-functional and multi-compartment design. The handle of the carrier is very easy to move up or down. This is a great backpack carrier for kids who have a lot of items for school. It makes the life of the school going kids easier and can be a good relief of the back-breaking work of picking up a heavy bag.

5 Best Wheeled Backpacks for School

  • Waterproof coating
  • It has 3 compartments with a strong built and covered roller wheel
  • Good and comfortable18.92” height
  • at least 30lb bearing with high-strength aluminum alloy rod
  • back concealed pocket design
  • Durable Straps
  • Telescoping handle is no longer enough
  • The bag is only designed for school and college going kids
  • Water placement pocket has got some bad reviews
  • the laptop sleeve is to the front of the bag


5 Best Wheeled Backpacks for School

The bag is very nice & study. The hard-plastic bottom layer effective enough to keep the bottom of the bag in good shape. It has received many compliments. It has a pull-out cover for the wheels, if you use it as a book bag, would definitely recommend.

                        Best Wheeled Backpacks for School

J World NY Twinkle Backpack

5 Best Wheeled Backpacks for School

Our top best-wheeled backpack for school was the J World NY Twinkle Backpack. Simple as the name may sound, don’t be deceived to overlook this backpack. It is the ultimate backpack for all the college going students.


The bag is made out of 100% polyester material. This material is highly durable and also water repellant. It is easy to wash and clean and will rarely tear if used properly.

The bag also comes with a number of easy to use zippered compartments. It has a major storage compartment that includes a meshed section for simple carry-on accessories. It also has an outward back zippered compartment that provides additional carry one for pens, phones, cameras, and many other simple accessories.

Across the sides, sit two meshed pockets that many users say are ideal for water bottles and an emergency umbrella. The bag doubles up with two convenient adjustable shoulder straps that are easy to use. The straps are also safe and ideal.

5 Best Wheeled Backpacks for School

But of the best feature is the backpacks telescoping handle. This handle works so well with light up wheels for easy maneuverability when the backpack is packed to capacity. The handle is also made out of durable aluminum alloy and PU coated materials.

You can use the multi-stage lock on the handle to set the best height adjustments. The wheels are also quite durable, have a bottom mold, and enjoy sparkling magnetic touch.

  • 100% polyester material
  • Zippered compartments
  • Two meshed pockets
  • Telescoping handle
  • Multi-stage lock on the handle


  • Frequent cleaning
  • Catches dirt fast
  • Small Reflective strip

                                  Best Wheeled Backpacks for School


High Sierra Wheeled Laptop Backpacks

5 Best Wheeled Backpacks for School

Next on our list is the High Sierra Wheeled Backpack. This is another best-wheeled backpack for school/college students. We found out that the bag enjoys a high number of reviews and is also one of the markets top bestsellers.


It is made out of a highly durable nylon material. The material is easy to wash and also provides awesome waterproof qualities. You don’t have to worry so much about your books in case water spills on the back.

Apart from that, the bag comes with many ideal compartments. It has large compartments and multi-pocket designs that allows you to keep all your accessories. In addition to that is a laptop compartment with a headphone section.

At the outward zipper is a premium organizer – that includes multiple pockets for simple accessories such as pencil holders, key fob, and pen pockets for quick and organized layout. It is easy to access and will prove handy.

And not to forget, the backpack has a telescoping handle. The handle comes with a cover that it stores in neatly when you want to use the bags easy to access padded shoulder straps. The handle works so well with the all-terrain wheels.


The wheels are set under a molded kick plate that provides them with an extra protection against abrasion. But is best quality yet are the hidden shoulder straps. They are under a zipped compartment and you can only release them when you want to use.

  • Highly durable nylon material
  • Ideal compartments
  • Premium organizer
  • Telescoping handle
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Hidden shoulder straps



  • Smaller reflective strip
  • Dulls up when dirty

Best Wheeled Backpacks for School

High Sierra Wheeled Backpack

Third on our list is the High Sierra Wheeled Backpack. This backpack has all its features almost the same as the one we just highlighted except for one. The one above is designed for 17” laptops while this one is customized to be used with 15” laptops.


These wheeled backpacks for school are designed from a rugged nylon material. The material is highly durable and withstands so much wear and tear. In addition to that is waterproof and will keep all your stuff really safe.

Best Wheeled Backpacks for School

The bag also comes with inline wheels. The wheels are skate like and thus easy to maneuver around with even in the tightest spaces. They are designed for all terrains and set under a molded kick plate that protects them from abrasion.

And for the wheeled backpacks best feature is the easy to use telescoping handle. The handle can adjust and can also be assisted with hidden backpack shoulder straps when a need arises. You can also lock and hide the handle under ideal cover.

The bag has a fully padded 15” laptop compartment and multiple organizers. The multiple organizers boast multiple pockets on the outer zipper including pen pockets, key fob hook, phone pockets, and guide books where necessary.

It has zippered side pockets that most users found out to be convenient, safe, and easy to work with in case you want to easily access the contents.

  • Rugged nylon material
  • Inline wheels
  • Telescoping handle
  • Fully padded 15” laptop compartment
  • Zippered side pockets
  • Smaller size
  • Easily damaged if mishandled

              Best Wheeled Backpacks for School

J World NY Lollipop Kid’s Backpack

Best Wheeled Backpacks for SchoolAnd our lovely kids were not left behind in our quest for the top 6 best-wheeled backpacks for school. With the J World NY Lollipop Kid’s Backpack, they’d have the best deal and a great experience with school rolling backpacks.


The backpack comes with bold patterns, numerous hues, and sophisticated designs that make them extra lovely for kids. It is made out of 100% sturdy polyester material that makes it extremely durable.

The backpack is also super comfortable. It comes with adjustable padded shoulder straps. The straps come with an ergonomic S-Shaped design that allows them to remain fastened across the back if worn for extended periods of time.

In addition to the above, we also loved the T-shaped telescoping handle. It is made out of durable aluminum alloy and PU coated materials. It comes with a multi-stage lock design that allows you to set the perfect rolling height.

At the bottom, we also found a unique mold that protects the backpacks lower end from unexpected shocks and durable wheel designs that comes with a noiseless touch. This makes the wheels rather different from the inline skate-type wheels that many backpacks use.

Best Wheeled Backpacks for SchoolFinally, the backpack also has easy to access zippered multi-pocket organizer at the front. The pocket is convenient for storing accessories. It has cool card holders, a key fob hook, and pencil holder among the rest. The backpack is also ultra-light and weighs only 3 pounds.

  • Bold patterns
  • 100% sturdy polyester
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • T-Shaped telescoping handle
  • Inline skate type wheels
  • Zippered multi-pocket organizer
  • Easily catches dirt
  • Dulls up when dirty
  • Needs frequent cleaning

Best Wheeled Backpacks for School

Olympia Melody 19” Backpack

5 Best Wheeled Backpacks for School

This was our last pick. This was our last pick. We loved it for its simplicity. We also found out that it was highly rated and that it enjoyed high numbers of positive reviews. The best part was, it sold for less than 50 USD in the many places that we visited.


Like many another best-wheeled backpacks for school that we have seen, this backpack is also made of sturdy 100% polyester material. This makes it extremely durable. It also allows it to enjoy the best waterproof qualities together with its textile lining.

The backpacks top-tier feature is, however, the push button telescoping-handle that allows it to easily glide through tight spaces. The handle is also adjustable according to the height that you need and additionally lockable.

It operates well with the jumbo recessed wheels and provided the best maneuverability even in the most rugged areas. The backpack has zippered compartments too. The large compartment is ideal for major accessories such as books, jumpers, and an extra pair of shoes.

5 Best Wheeled Backpacks for School

The smaller compartment on the outer side of the backpack is super cool for keeping keys, not books, pencils, pens, phones, and headphones. The backpack also comes with strong and adjustable padded shoulder straps in case you have to carry it for extended hours.

And to the cap, its best features is a molded hard bottom that protects the backpack from unexpected shocks. It also prevents the wheels from getting damaged easily.

  • 100% polyester material
  • Push button telescoping-handle
  • Jumbo recessed wheels
  • Molded hard bottom
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Requires frequent cleaning
  • Damages if mishandled

                   Best Wheeled Backpacks for School

Taking Care of Your Best Wheeled School Going Backpack

Now that you have seen our top wheeled backpacks picks you must be wondering the best way to take care of your backpack. If you have picked your backpack, here are the best tips that will help you to keep your wheeled backpack in top shape.

Clean Your Backpack Regularly

The materials that wheeled backpacks for school are made of including high-density nylon and 100% polyester. These materials when dirty will easily lose their glow. They will make your backpack look dull and old. Design a routine cleanup schedule for your backpack. Wash your backpack with mild soap and water. Your backpack will easily maintain its glow and look new.

Use Your Backpack Appropriately

Let’s just say that many wheeled backpacks are durable. However, the wheels will not last if you don’t use the backpack as directed by the manufacturer. Make sure you follow user manual, never overload your backpack, and interchange between carrying your backpack and gliding it along. Some of the surfaces are not friendly and may even damage the molded mounting cover.

Educate Yourself on Best Practices

You can use the best-wheeled backpack reviews. Expert user reviews such as the ones we provide will easily shed more light on how to use your backpack well. You can always get additional user tips including; how to pack your backpack, what surfaces to wheel your backpack on, and how to clean your wheeled backpack. Best practices will go a long way too.

Smart Tips When Purchasing a Wheeled Backpack

And if you are yet to buy your best-wheeled backpacks for school here are some tips that our experts recommend that you go with. They are helpful and very ideal when you are buying for the first time.

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